Built for Britain

Unimog does the job of many different specialst vehicles for year-round performance

Unimog UGE

The Unimog UGE is the perfect all-rounder, and deserves its reputation as a workhorse with its side and rear body-mounting areas, hydraulics, and energy supply for tools. A true professional capable of moving amazing amounts.

Unimog UHE

The Unimog UHE is an outstandingly mobile off-road truck due to its state-of-the-art technology, all wheel drive and extreme flexibility delivering crews, material and heavy equipment to any remove and out-of-the-way work location.

All Terrain Tool Carrier.
Setting Standards, Exceeding Limits.

Extreme Off-Road Unimog.
Outstandingly mobile off-road Unimog

Off-Road Heavyweight.
Specialist vehicle for extreme terrain.

Introducing Unimog

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