Unimog UGE

Setting standards, extending limits. Year-round utilisation to full capacity with Mercedes-Benz implement carrier.

All Terrain Tool Carrier

The Unimog Implement carrier unites state-of-the-art truck technology and advanced system and implement-carrying solutions. Exchanging implements is faster and easier due to mounting points on the frame, mounting brackets on the sides and rear, and ball points on the sub-frame of the platform floor. Together with its pulling power and drop-side body for towing a trailer, the compact vehicle is turned into a professional transporter capable of moving amazing amounts.

System Solution

A vehicle which can be used worldwide with over 1000 implements and for a wide range of jobs. The Mercedes-Benz Unimog is able to take on an unprecedented range of jobs. In addition to its well-known work for very varying branches, the professional implement carrier provides a unique and variable platform for doing a countless number of jobs at any time of year. Mercedes-Benz work closely with international implement and body-manufacturers, uniting the experience of specialists from their Unimog Dealers.

Implement carrying design

The perfect all-rounder for year-round use. The Unimog implement carrier more than deserves its good reputation as a workhorse. It provides top performance in very varying work situations 365 days a year with its outstanding four attachment and body-mounting areas. The hydraulic, mechanical and electric energy supply for the implements makes it versatile to work with, providing just the right kind of power system for each of the over 1000 possible jobs it may be required to do.

Superior Chassis Design

The Unimog UGE is able to cope with the greatest of challenges during a hard working day with its mature chassis design based on a sturdy ladder-type frame. Its permanent all-wheel drive, great ground clearance due to portal axles, a very comfortable drive, wide axle articulation and differential-locks in both axles are characteristic for the Unimog. The implement carrier is also in its element way off beaten tracks due to its single tyres, central tyre inflation system and its extremely well-balanced weight distribution.


Unimog Models U218/U318 U423 U427/U527 U430/U530
Emissions Class  Euro 6 Euro 6 Euro 6 Euro 6
Engines 130kW/ 177Hp 170kW/ 231Hp 200kW/ 272Hp 220kW/ 299Hp
Torque Nm/rpm 750/1200-1600 900/1200-1600 1100/1200-1600 1200/1200-1600
Engine Model OM 934 OM 934 OM 936 OM 936
Type 4-stroke diesel direct injection with turbocharger/ intercooler
No. of cylinders/arrangement 4, In-line 4, In-line 6, In-line 6, In-line
Displacement 5132 cc 5132 cc 7698 cc 7698 cc