Tons of work, no roads. Outstanding traction, supremely mobile, extremely tough: 4×4 , 6×6 and tractor units.

Heavyweight Off-Road Specialist

Zetros, the heavyweight off-road specialist for extreme terrain, is the solution for the future when coping with exceedingly difficult conditions way off sealed roads. Decades of off-road know-how and innovative technology combine to produce this modern truck concept for carrying out extreme operations – and it impressively continues the legendary tradition of conventional trucks.

The Unimog Concept

Its straight and smooth ladder-type frame, reinforced top of the frame and auxiliary drives for attaching hydraulic systems ensure that the Zetros is supremely capable of mounting individually required attachments and bodies. Whether custom-built solutions are needed for disaster intervention, fire department, municipal work, agricultural use, the energy or construction sectors – the Zetros is ready and waiting. It is an absolutely state-of-the-art off-road truck for:

  • Transporting goods, hazardous materials or people
  • Extinguishing fires and recovery
  • Rescues and disaster intervention
  • Expeditions
  • Bio-mass transport, Agri-logistics
  • Loading, construction and assembly work

This amazing truck, available to certain specialist, niche and export sectors in Euro 5 and Euro 3 emissions specification is still proving itself around the world as the king of the extreme all-terrain heavy haulers.  Along with our wide-ranging and highly skilled body-building partners we have been involved in some fascinating and challenging designs.